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How Do I Start A Radio Ministry

Interested in starting a radio ministry on 99.9 WUCC fm? 


Here are the steps required to consider to develop a QUALITY program : 

1.  Determine the type of program you want to start.  Sermons, Teaching, Preaching or Music.   


2.  Check to see if there is an available time slot.  Set up a schedule for your program. (Daily or weekly slots)


3.  Cost of ministry minutes.  Now is the time to check on the unit price of minutes.  As WUCC grows so will the cost of air time, so lock in your air time now.


4.  Training.  You will receive instructions on how to upload files to WUCC.  Also, we provide training on tools to produce a quality program


5.  Review the Five basic fundamentals of the Christian faith.  This is the common thread that holds the Christian faith together. 


6.  Review and sign the simple program contract.  (A six week review of quality is required.) 


7.  Upload your file to 99.9 WUCC fm.


Contact us:  -   803.508.9111